Hope Through Clothes Canada is a volunteer run organization whose sole purpose is to help as many impoverished communities and individuals as possible. Our volunteers collect new and gently used items for shipping to trusted contacts throughout Africa who then distribute the items on our behalf.

Over the years we have built great relationships and our community is getting bigger, which means there is more demand for these items. More demand means we need more donations and more money to help pay for shipping costs. One shipping container can cost between $5000 and $7000 to ship by sea from Canada to Africa so if you don’t have clothing to donate, we can definitely use help with shipping costs. We also collect funds to purchase and distribute food items and prepared meals at various times throughout the year.

If you have any of the following items and live in the greater Hamilton to Mississauga area, please contact us so that we can arrange pickup or drop-off:

  • New underwear (all genders and ages)
  • New or gently used clothing (all genders and ages)
  • Female sanitary items (still in package)
  • Accessibility and mobility aids (wheelchairs, crutches, canes, walkers etc.)
  • Jackets and coats (all genders and ages)
  • New and gently used footwear (all genders and sizes)

Recently, we’ve also started a well digging program that has already helped several needy communities throughout the world. Dedicating a well on behalf of a deceased loved one is a great way to provide continued blessings. The cost varies depending on which part of the world so please contact us for more information.

Please email us at contact@hopethroughclothes.com or call us at +1-905-921-7611. You can also follow us on Instagram and TikTok @hopethroughclothes and there you’ll also see pictures and videos of the communities we’ve helped so far.

If you’d like to help us with shipping expenses, please send an interact transfer to hopethroughclothes@gmail.com

Together we can help so many people!

Hope Through Clothes Canada

We strive to give Hope Through Clothes

Get ready for Eid-ul-Adha by arranging your Qurbani or contributing to our break-fast program.

To donate, send an interac money transfer to hopethroughclothes@gmail.com and make a note of which program you’re contributing towards.

Are you missing praying in the mosque? Are you missing the feeling of the mosque carpet while in a state of Sujud? We believe Hope Through Clothes have a solution for you! Buy a prayer mat with the same texture, design and feel as of those in the masjid. Sujda at home isn’t the same but you can make it feel the same. All proceeds from the sale of prayer mats goes towards shipping expenses for the clothes we send to the needy in Africa!
Pickup or drop-off in the Hamilton area. Each praying mat costs only $25 and can be directly deposited into the following account:
Contact Abdul-Hafidh at 905-921-7611 for details.
Jazaak Allah Kheir and May Allah (SWT) accept your fasting and duas🙏